Dildos dangling from power lines in Portland


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Bipartisan Congress blocks Jeff Sessions' plan to revive civil asset forfeiture

So that’s what you do with them when they are warn-out?

Thanks for the heads up on that!


Don’t bury the lede: dildo nunchucks!


That’s how you find popper-houses.


Needs more Trump butt-plugs to class the place up.


I’d still like to know the story behind this relatively-famous image. It turns up in many places, but I’ve never seen an explanation:

You’d have to put in some serious effort to get a CRT up there, and there’s a big risk of injury if it should fall (and it doesn’t look particularly secure, at that). It’s not just a photoshop, is it?


Looks like there is a bit of a slope to the wire – perhaps it zip-lined to that spot.


Better a rash of dildos than a rash from dildos.


I expect actual penises to be dangling (most of the time anyway), but dildos are specifically meant to be erect 24/7.


These popped up relatively quickly in a ton of spots. Obviously, I am curious what group is behind this; the degree of penetration is too great for it to be a single person. The other thing I’m wondering is where did they get all the $/dildos? Unless you can buy bulk used dildos, it can’t have been cheap…


I see what you did there.


If the degree of penetration is too great, you can always buy a smaller one.


The Cacophony Society? That does seem like something they would do.
As far as procurement in bulk goes, have you seen what you can buy on Alibaba? Not gonna look up dongs at work but I am sure they are there and cheap in bulk.


I think it’s probably connected to ISIS again…


What an awful waste. Oh, the humanity.




They are like a Baudrillardian simulacra of hyperphalllicism, drawing power from the old paternalistic structures!


for some reason i thought it said “Poland” when i read the headline.

“whoa that’s hilarious!”

then i noticed it said “Portland.”

“oh. makes sense.”


man we really need to get @japhroaig a day job.


It’s. My. ART!!!