This video of cyber goths dancing underneath a bridge never gets old

It was Smurf, I imagine? :grinning:

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Took me until this millennium to realise “doof” wasn’t in international use. As a country we usually have no imagination when we name stuff, (“why is it called a yellow-belly black snake?” asked no one ever), so the occasional onomatopoeia is welcome. And when it happens in the bush, it’s a bush doof.

Mom jeans have been back for at least a year, which makes me think they’ll be on their way back out again soon.

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Looks more like a post-apocalyptic fitness class.

Yes, for both Yakkety Sax and the disco night


There is a whole series of tiktok videos of supposedly these people all grown up in a corporate office - but still in the makeup breaking out into this dance.

They’ve been back for quite a while now, based on the looks of the tourists and locals walking by my home office window in LA. I disliked that style back then when I was a long-haired grunge type and I hate it now that I’m a boring old bald guy.

If I remember correctly, the trend that came along nearly immediately after the Mom jeans of the early 90’s was ultra low rise jeans. I’d be ok with that trend cycling back around. Haha

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I kind of felt like your hypothetical dog walker the first time I came upon a roller disco party in Central Park in NYC.

Well, adding that to my PANdemIC playlist, alongside combichrist, hocico, alec empire, drum corps, nasenbluten…

Soothing music for trying times.


I like Combichrist.

Try Grendel, especially EPs/Albums Soilblood, Harsh Generation, Chemicals and Circuitry, and Time Wave Zero.

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I have been the DJ at a rave and dropped Yakketty Sax.

I’m not proud.

Do as I say, not as I did, kids.

Yes, it was planned. No, I didn’t plan to be quite so off my tits.



Burnin’ off those cyber calories!

This ranks up there with Robert Klein (in his early stand-up days) hypothesizing an unfortunate accidental coupling of a scene from a nature documentary on blowfish, with Hold Tight, Hold Tight (by the Andrews Sisters) as the score.

Thanks for recommendation! I never heard of them before, and I absolutely love aesthetics of this video.

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Welcome back!




They have a whole world building mythos made up. You would have to find their FB page or maybe some where else on the internet where the archive their lore. They are French, but have lots of media in English.

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Sadly I don’t have Facebook due to privacy concerns, but I’m watching their YT videos right now and they are awesome :slight_smile:
I see that they have Soundcloud page where you can buy their digital albums. Do you know if songs bought from Soundcloud are downloadable in DRM-free format?

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Soundcloud is streaming only, you can rip, but I’d be looking for other sites (bandcamp maybe?) if you want downloadable, purchasable digital formats.

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