This video on how to cut a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel is very satisfying

I think it’s not only about having a bigger surface.
Parmigiano cheese texture is not “compact and cheesy”, but it’s brittle (I do not know if it is the correct adjective), so you cannot have clean regular cuts for slices. Since it will break down anyway, better to go for irregular chunks, that will also be more fun to taste.

But you can, when I buy Parmesan or any of the Italian cheeses in the same family in the supermarket they come in neatly sliced chunks. Usually something like this:

If it will break down anyway why go through all the extra effort? Why not use a wire to cut it cleanly?

Yes, better taste, because of a bigger surface area right?

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That’s industrial packaged and cut parmesan: try to get such a straight regular cut with a normal knife at home. And, even in the package, it’s not as flat and regular like a cheddar or an emmenthaler, but it has bumps (you can see them in the photo too).

I think, in general, that you cannot cut with the wire in the thick crust you have on all sides (it’s at least 5mm on each side).

Probably yes, but I usually I do not rationalize that :smile:
The chunking for tasting usually happens when they serve parmesan as an appetizer, at receptions, and I just eat it anyway, sliced or cubed or chunked, the more the better :wink:

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Maybe I will :smiley:

thank you - this video made me oddly happy and calm.

and I want some cheese…


I don’t need a 15 minute video to tell me how to cut the cheese.

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My disappointment needed time to age.


I rennet nothing.


I’ll take Grana Padano every time. Such a great cheese. Rich, nutty, wonderful…



that was grate!


How 'bout this?

To be fair, this one didn’t want to break that well at all, maybe not aged long enough, or just sticky from all the woodpulp filler :grimacing:

Most SoCal people I know here in SoCal.

They think Olive Garden serves Italian food.

Whey over the top!

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real band name

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no cutting required

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