This video on how to cut a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel is very satisfying


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Wouldn’t a table saw be more effective? I’ll get my coat.


I thought this was a repost but apparently it is a different video on the same subject:

I’ve yet to watch the new video so I can’t yet comment on which is better :grin:


And once again I’ve proven to myself that I have a incredible memory when it comes to useless stuff like this.

This morning I made a appointment for a dentists check-up, for tomorrow, I’m afraid I’ll forget to go. If only I could reassign some of the neurons that help me remember mostly useless trivia to remembering the actually important stuff…


I’m glad I’m not the only one who got recommended that video. I just couldn’t look away.


Hachi machi yum yum give me some



Alright, the new video is definitely more informative, also roughly 100 times more commercial :scream:

I guess you should watch both to get the best of both worlds :smiley:


There is nothing in the new video that can top the moment when the old guy splits the cheese with a little flick of the knives:

I must have watched him do that a hundred times.


Damn, I got cheese cravings now… Just nibble on one of those glorious wedges for a few minutes :drooling_face:


I just want the crumbs from when he split the cheese.


who the fuck are the people to whom the value of a massive hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano is not IMMEDIATELY APPARENT


Actually that’s not Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, it’s Trentingrana (a.k.a. Grana Padano Trentino). “Grana Padano” is the other “parmesan” cheese in Italy, and if “Parmigiano Reggiano” is Coke, “Grana Padano” is Pepsi: they are similar, but formally different cheeses.
Some people prefer the Parmigiano Reggiano texture and taste, others prefer Grana Padano, they never mix and families split on the argument (ok, joking, but not so much :smile: ). The external difference is in the markings along the lateral crust, the reason they never sell it without at least a part of it.

Italians can be very picky about their food and their national cheese: on newspapers when they talk about “Defending Italian Food In The World” they always use an an example cases involving some kind of locally produces “parmesan-named” cheese, like the one in this story

This is one of the reasons why in the video the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium insists on how to properly manipulate and expose the product for the clients.


Ow, nice! Even more intriguing!

Both of them never say so but I feel like there is another more immediate effect of breaking the cheese instead of cutting it. It creates a bigger surface area that results in a significantly stronger flavor. Is this just a side effect or actually what they are aiming for?

I know the old Dutch cheeses (aged Gouda and aged cheese from all the other cities around here :slight_smile: ) benefit greatly from this effect.




Youtube commentor:

take a shot every time he says “parmesan cheese knife”


I thought this was a repost but apparently it’s a different video on cheese cutting. On the same day!


16 posts and not a single cheese related pun yet? You all are slacking. Got me all bleu.


Are you saying that you’re cheesed off?


You better brie-lieve it.


Three hours later and you’re Stilton not over it?