You're gonna love this 15 minute video on how to cut a wheel of cheese




Rejoice the will of the cheese is unbound and we can again speak!!

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Let the cheese-related commenting floooooowwww!


Honestly the whole time I was listening, I pictured this gentleman as Ludwig Von Drake.


“Cut such a cheese”




That much cheese will tend to bind things up a bit.


Reminds me of this:
Cutting Stone At The Deer Isle Hostel

Worth checking out for the mesmerizing sounds alone.


There was something utterly fascinating and moving about the human-cheese interaction here that I found myself welling up at one point. I feel compelled to tell the world that it took a man who broken the cheese to make me cry. Amen.



Blessed are the cheese breakers.


this dude needs a bigger knife, just one, and some swinging. of that knife. that is all.



Currently experiencing a vast hankering for cheese and crackers… brb


Best. Voila. Evar.


Youtube insists that I log in to prove my age since the video might contain something naughty. WTF!


I was thinking that he needs to borrow his French neighbor’s guillotine…


Best unboxing video ever?


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