This wedding photographer

First, read the backstory:

The photographer’s post on the day their wedding was supposed to be:

Finally, the website the photographer created:

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If I recall correctly, what wedding photographers think is non-refundable because their contract says so actually typically is refundable because of common law and various state laws which override such language, though I don’t know about Texas specifically.

A photographer can charge a separate, truly non-refundable fee for calendaring/booking the event, but only if that amount is separate from the rest of the billing for services such as the actual photography and printing. The photographer can’t actually charge for services not performed and keep the money. So, apparently, the photographer not only exhibits what seems like a sociopathic lack of empathy and no sense of how this will cost him far more in bad publicity than the amount of the deposit, he’ll likely also loose in small claims court.

(IANAL, and this is a complex topic, so YMMV.)


I cannot like that.

But I’m glad you have provided sunlight to this stain on humanity.


Justin Montney then contacted the failing news station

And with one adjective, we know all we need to know about that company.


The Reddit has links to details alleging (with links to a court case) that the photographer is a conman who has run multiple wedding photography business as scams that never delivered any videos to clients.

That would explain why the photographer would be so willing to burn his company’s reputation to the ground to slander his client by name. A conman can just change business names to get a new, clean reputation. :-/


That owner is pure evil.


99% of wedding photographers are making the decent ones look bad.


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