Photographer shoots wrong couple's marriage proposal


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then set up a reshoot with his actual client

“C’mon, honey! Let’s go grind any remaining sense of romantic spontaneity out of this thing!”


This reminds me of that job in Dealey Plaza back in '63.


If that’s the worst thing that ever happens to them in their marriage, well they’re very lucky.


Oh man I know a freelance contractor who made almost exactly the same mistake but it was even more embarrassing because he’s a professional assassin.



I laughed way too hard at this. Now I’m imagining a line of couples waiting at that location to be the next to have the exact same dramatic, romantic, unique wedding proposal.


Aww, you beat me to it!

Also, watch your back. That was my contract.


They could probably just set up a scheduled satellite flyover-foto service


That’s what I’m talking about, we’ve got to get organised!


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