This wilderness helicopter pilot and his trusty dog co-pilot have the best life

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I have some envy now. Of course, I could just quit my crappy job and become a helicopter pilot, which would be awesome. Why don’t I do that anyway…



He is a good dog. Look how he lets the person put ear defenders on him. Who’s a good dog? He is. Yes he is.

Still, I am reminded of this:



I wonder why the compass has a silhouette of an airplane on it. They don’t make helo-specific instruments?

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I watched a video of this guy (showing how autorotation works) and I was jealous that I couldn’t have that as my job. Now that I see he has a dog that flies around with him as well? Makes me wonder where I went wrong in my life choices.


I wonder why the compass has a silhouette of an airplane on it. They don’t make helo-specific instruments?

When they made FADEC work, they pretty much figured they were done with making helicopters work. Gyros work the same no matter what pile of shit you hook them up to.


I actually have a friend from about 20 years ago that took that fork in the road. We both stood at roughly the same point in our lives - I chose grad school and she chose to become a helicopter bush pilot. She definitely made the better choice.



I guess they finally ditched that old biplane.


At the ATC nobody knows you’re a dog.

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I can’t stop watching this series on YouTube. One of the bush pilots has this blog:

Back in 2005 I was working in a very stable but rather boring IT job in Bristol, UK and realised something had to change. I started to learn to fly privately in 2006 and soon realised this could very well be my ticket to a new and more interesting life. What happened next was rather unplanned and I now find myself a fully qualified professional pilot, flying the ultimate bush aircraft in one of the world’s last frontiers over dense jungles and surrounded by towering mountains.

My brother flew Chinooks and Hueys for the US Army, so I know few stories from him about the challenges a helicopter pilot must face. These bush pilots (flying fixed wing craft) still fascinate me. A bad day on the job for them has been my new metric for when I think I have had a hard day, which is nothing by comparison.

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You couldn’t wait until after my exam week was over to post this?


Undo! Undo!

… how am I doing so far?


Just gonna leave these here:

for Windows machines
for Mac

for… Google Chrome? I haven’t used this one before.

A friend in grad school swears by Cold Turkey.

a roundup of these kinds of productivity tools generally

(oh great fine fine even more time sucks ahoy… argh!)

Sorry again. HTH.

Thanks for some really nice posts at where I sometimes stop by to catch up. My dad got his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Northwestern University. Still mystified, 50 years later, given how bad his English was at the time!

Good luck ActionAbe. See you on the flipside. Be well.

  1. I have dealt with many an exam week in my college days/daze. At some point, I realized that I was subsisting on granola, soy milk, NoDoze and bad coffee at the end of every semester. Note to self: no more working one’s way through college taking a full course load for the entire year including summer.

So if we hooked a gyro up to you, it would work just fine then?


This guy was on Smarter Everyday’s Youtube video recently. Seems the exposure is good for his online career.

I used Leechblock for a little while before switching over to Chrome, where there does not yet appear to be a version. Actually, I’ve discovered that while I’m pretty bad about managing my time, lack of balance is also disastrous for my productivity. But I shall try these things you suggest.

Thanks! I hate to discuss plans, because that seems a surefire way to jinx them. Let’s just say check it out in a couple of weeks.

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