'Thor' cast surprise fans with a low-budget live-action version of the film

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That audience won the jackpot big time!


About what I expected.

um @TobinL planted audience to be certain.

Hm, smells like a set-up.

I know movie pirates sometimes act brazen, but… finding multiple cameras setup in a movie theater for an advanced screening of a big action blockbuster movie?

I’d at the very least have found that extremely suspicious…

I tend to concur; I know some hardcore Helmsworth/Hiddleston fangirls (and fanboys) who would cream their skivvies at such a chance to be so close to their idols…


Do we know how they got the advance screening tickets? For all we know, they could have known that Corden was doing something without knowing exactly what was going on.

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i wasn’t going to see this movie in the theater, but the special effects seem really top notch.



What good sports. Hollywood movies NEED more good natured silliness.

If it’s this well done, I mean. Brilliant marketing, I’m thinking of these high salaried, other planet beings as…humans now.

With way more $$$ than me. But good EGGs yknow…i can’t tell if i feel snowed or delighted. Delighted, going with that cuz I need it.

I saw Inherent Vice at a pre screening just because it showed up as some tickets to buy that day (email from theater), and PTA was there to introduce it, which was neat. This is way beyond that, but LA provides these kinds of possibilities and they didn’t look like plants to me. Marketing interns and stringers maybe, but not plants.


These screenings are, indeed, common in LA. If you’re not too picky and are free during the day, you can often find folks handing out screening passes for films that day, or later that week. (though, they always say, screenings are overbooked, seating not guaranteed.) There are also about a zillion and one mailing lists that will advise you of available screenings and how to sign up for them. It can be a crapshoot on quality. You might get a film only partway through post, with a lot of bare bluescreen, or no sound design, or a preview of a not-final edit. Or it’ll just be a critic screening and they give away the extra tix because movies play better in a crowd.


If you aren’t listening to the excellent Myths and Legends podcast, you really should. They just put out their Ragnarok episode, and it is epic. I’m sure the budget is slightly lower than the movie, but you won’t even notice.

So good. At first you can imagine being so irritated by James Cordens face but the pay off would be well worth it.

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Because it was an advanced screening they could have explained the cameras (and the “by entering you consent to being shown on TV” posters that I’m sure were prominent at the entrance to the auditorium) by saying that they wanted to capture audience reactions for market research. That wouldn’t seem suspicious to me at all.

Then again, I’ve never been to an advanced screening so I don’t know if that’s actually normal or not.

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I have been to press screenings which are about a week at most before opening at least one I felt like they needed to pay me afterwards but those are pretty much just another movie as far as things go. Advanced screenings as I don’t live in LA have all been at SIFF and some at least make you check in your cell phone if it has a camera and that kind of shenanigans while not regular would not be out of place at SIFF.

Yeah, I went to a press screening once, but that’s very different from an advanced test screening, which happens all the time in LA and NY.

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