Those UFO houses




He also designed other plastic houses, google images for “casa finlandia”.
My recurring daydream is to find, save and live in one of those dilapidated extraterrestrial campers.


How much less luck-prone would it be to knock-off the design using e.g. fiberglass?


Or you could go even smaller in plywood with one of Ken Isaacs Microhomes


There are a lot of web sites dedicated to the Futuro, but the absolute best is Simon’s He has info on every known Futuro in the world.


There is somebody trying to resurrect the original molds. See scroll down and there is a news item on the moulds being offered for sale.


While not exactly what you’re looking for, this craftsman style UFO home in Germany has its own wacky charm.


I have been to that one. The light switches caused strange nostalgia in me.


Buildings like these are actually still used in Antactica. A grounded variant is still manufactured by, simpler design but same manufacturing technique.

The Australian UFO Hut has four beds with cooking facilities and a central table, it is actually fairly spacious inside.

The apple hut sleeps two with basic cooking facilities. There is also a “melon” variant which is a stretched apple for working space or more people.

The huts are well insulated, very durable against blizzard winds can be flown in to a site underslung from a helicopter making them very flexible and portable. They do not need any kind of foundations so they can be installed with minimal damage to the environment like in the picture, once removed it would be difficult to identify that the hut was ever there.

These are used by the Australians in Antarctica as long term (several months+) remote research bases, either singly or in clusters for larger teams. They are also permantly installed for recreational use and emergency shelters.


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