Tiny home inspired by a lunar lander


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If I was his neighbor, there would be no way I could resist sneaking in a Futuro when he wasn’t looking.


Way more roomy than the actual LM, which really was a small home for twelve people in total (over six flights), though it was also the biggest home on the moon at the time.

From Apollo 12 onward, the crews slept in hammocks, one rigged left to right and the other fore to aft. with the pressure suits piled up on the engine case below and the cabin air routed through the suits to dry them out.

edit: off topic but I thought the Apollo fans might be interested in this:


Good luck finding a habitable Futuro for sale.


Strictly speaking, what I’d want would be a Futuro redesigned with current materials and a bit bigger. (Closets!)


What, no refurbished AGC to control the lights, HVAC, and so on? No sale.


So, not so much a Futuro as a Presento. :slight_smile:


Well…this one seems to land in different places.

And there’s this, though not all may be habitable, but as the above shows, probably restorable.


This structure has got to be more ‘substantial’ than the actual LEM was; it’s skin was thin enough that you could shove a screwdriver right through it.


It might have trouble with voice recognition commands.


That sounds like it would be an interesting project. Mock up a DSKY and put a Raspberry Pi into it to do the actual work.


Pfft. Real home automation involves keying in assembler code on a keypad.


Keypads? Phfft! Real men use toggle switches.


I would rather live in the Jupiter II.



It looks like it survived a wildfire a couple days ago


I’ll hold out for Raumschiffes Orion:



“I’m sorry, Dave; I can’t do that.”


“Huston, we have a problem.”

“Huston Plumbing Supplies, how can I help you?”


The problem with the Futuro is that all your stuff ends up unevenly distributed.