ThoughtSlime: Is the CHAZ a LIVING HECK?

uploaded the morning of 26 June 2020, recorded 24 June 2020, Matt from ThoughtSlime recounts the story so far and talks with local comrade Neala (@Neala_Draws on twitter)on the ground about current events.

CHAZ was recently ordered disassembled by the Seattle mayor after white supremacists conducted a series of shootings and attacks against CHAZ.


I object to the government picking on Mr. Bono.


And here I was, thinking it was because CHAZ security opened fire on two black teenagers killing the 16 year old and wounding the 14 year old in the fourth shooting and second killing in the zone. But the protesters say it’s ok because they thought the kids had guns.

Context, for the peanut gallery:

there had been, at that point, nearly a dozen attacks committed by white supremacists – some shooting into the CHAZ camp area, some occurring outside of CHAZ.

the last fatal attack was 20 June 2020, when white supremacists fired from an SUV on the road beside the park, into the tents of protestors. One man was dead on the scene, another rushed to hospital in critical condition.

cops did nothing to stop the constant attacks. In fact, cops enabled it by taking one of the roads beside the campout and keeping it open to traffic. (it quickly became the favorite place for white supremacists to launch terror attacks)

it was against this backdrop of constant attacks that a volunteer force led by Raz Simone formed.

on the day of 29 June 2020 – the night security forces opened fire, killing the teenage boy and critically wounding a second – a silver SUV drove onto the encampment field. a Gold Lexus was reported as a vehicle of interest in a shooting. tensions could not have been higher: CHAZ was slated for removal the next morning.

the night of 29 June 2020, radio comms operators reported seeing a silver SUV approaching CHAZ.

thinking it was the proud boys coming back for another attack, security forces took aim and fired. the SUV crashed into barriers. The driver - a 16 year old boy - was pronounced dead on the scene by volunteer medics. the survivor, badly wounded, was rushed to hospital by Raz Simone and medics.

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The white supremacists firing from an SUV story was later discredited by a statement from CHOP organizers who said that it was a fight between two people who knew each other. They said a “deescalation team” was already on the way when the shooting occurred.

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