Right-wing group camped out on rooftop with stockpile of weapons at Portland rally, and police kept quiet


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If you ever needed proof that the cops are in collusion with these assholes, here it is.

Anyone else, and it’d be terrorism charges. White Supremacists, on the other hand, get a stern talking-to, and their weapons back.


This country is facing a real paramilitary problem. And with the fat, fascist, f@#$ in the white house calling Democrats and angry mob it’s just a matter of time before those nazi a@#holes start killing people. With some gun nut killing large groups of people on a regular intervals it would seem that it has already started.





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Under what grounds did the police take their guns? If they didn’t arrest anybody, are these asshats now going to be able to sue and get a big payday?


… start killing people.


Duh. They were camping. They clearly needed teh gunz.


If the Patriot Prayer group were all Middle Eastern or Muslims:

“Police bust terrorist cell attempting to carry out mass shooting. FBI investigating.”

If the Patriot Prayer group were all people of color:

“Police bust gang planning major violence downtown.”

If the Patriot Prayer group were…the Patriot Prayer group:

The Portland police discovered the armed group and took their weapons, but did not arrest them. They later gave the guns back to the group.


No, Ammosexuals. There is no such thing as “armed protest”. If you are bringing guns to a public gathering for political purposes, you are a goddamn lynch mob. Your purpose for bringing the guns are to intimidate and threaten.

Thanks to bullshit like that, neo-nazis were able to keep police at bay at Charlottesville while they nearly beat a man to death and committed an act of domestic terrorism.


Start killing people?

They already have been killing people. Past tense!


The name of the Police Chief is Outlaw?! That is so Portland.


Gun Law in Portland:

14A.60.010 Possession of a Loaded Firearm in a Public Place.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184274, effective December 31, 2010.)

A. It is unlawful for any person to knowingly possess or carry a firearm, in or upon a public place, including while in a vehicle in a public place, recklessly having failed to remove all the ammunition from the firearm.

B. It is unlawful for any person to knowingly possess or carry a firearm and that firearm’s clip or magazine, in or upon a public place, including while in a vehicle in a public place, recklessly having failed to remove all the ammunition from the clip or magazine.

E. Penalty

1. In the absence of the aggravating factors listed in Subsection 14A.60.010 E.2., the court may impose a sentence of up to 6 months imprisonment and a fine not to exceed $500 for violation of this section.

2. When this offense is committed by carrying a loaded firearm containing ammunition that employs gunpowder as a propellant in a vehicle, including a transit vehicle, the court must impose a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days for violation of this Section.


Stretch: What do you want a gun for, brother?

Harry Brown: I want to shoot the pigeons… off my roof.


Needs more booze.

But honestly fuck this, had they opened fire on protesters i’m sure it would’ve been spun like these were “lone wolf weirdos” and not representative of any real problems.


When was gun control supported by the NRA and the Gov? When the Black Panthers were carrying guns.

Can you imagine if it was the Black Panthers setting up on rooftops with long rifles today? There’d be SWAT action and lives would be lost.


I like how the writeup never mentions the color of the skin, because it was completely obvious.

It’s incredible how the police responded to “snipers on the nearby rooftop” with “good old boys will be boys.” This wasn’t that long after the Music Festival Massacre out in Las Vegas.


Probably delivered with a wink and a nod, too.