Thousands of migrant kids were shipped to this for-profit facility with no state oversight

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“They can’t hug [their own siblings] goodbye. If they do, they’re told they will be written up and it could affect their immigration case."


“No oversight” is the GOP* wet dream.

This is horrendous.

*and likely certain types of Dems as well.


This is what happens when you put justice in the hands of corporations. Not only should the facilities be independently audited but the corporate finances should be open as a condition of being allowed to house prisoners for profit. If egregious abuse or gouging is discovered, imprisonment of the abusers needs to happen.


I’d love to see a complete list of who has a financial interest in this facility, and a full record of the facility owner’s political contributions.


Never gonna happen because muh freedumbz


Largest prison for children in the Country? How about in the world, on the whole planet.

Home of the brave and the land of the free indeed. MAGA!


This is about justice?

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This for profit facility?


(Sorry for being so egregiously dark, but honestly it’s probably only a shade darker than the truth)


Yes, and that’s why they love the Russian President of the United States, Donny Two Berderers criminal organization.


migrant kids were shipped to this for-profit facility

Well if these kids refuse to pull themselves up from their own bootstraps, how else are we supposed to profit off them?

Costs over $1 million per day

Homestead is like no other federal children’s shelter in America. Not only is it the biggest — it has been contracted to receive up to 2,350 kids — it’s the only youth sanctuary operated for a profit.

The operator is Comprehensive Health Services. The Florida-based company dispatched medical teams to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, to Haiti after the earthquake, and to Balad Air Base in Iraq. And in 2016, it entered the migrant shelter business. The current Homestead contract with the Department of Health and Human Services is worth up to $220 million.

The average daily cost to care for a child at an influx facility is about $775 a day, according to Evelyn Stauffer, press secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With nearly 1,600 children at Homestead, that puts the burn rate at over $1.2 million a day.

The average cost for a migrant child at one of the 130 smaller, permanent shelters contracted to HHS is about a third of that.

Cui bono?

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No that should never be allowed, ever. Profit is a complete anathema here, it should never be anywhere near it…

Geeze, how could this ever be considered for a profit motive?


Later on, they’ll have sessions to Pray the Gay Away at the Super Migrant facility.

You are now citizens of a country that has concentration camps for children.


You can start here. Officers of the parent corp.

Mr. Gary G. Palmer
Chief Executive Officer and President
Age: 68

Mr. James D. Van Dusen
Chief Financial Officer
Age: 58
Mr. Casper P. Jones III

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of International
Mr. Daniel Jones

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Domestic
Mr. Patrick M. Hogenbirk CCEP

Discipline is strict. The teenagers walk single file in groups of 12, escorted by a youth-care worker.

Sounds like the Auburn system.

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