Homestead High - A typical teen in a typical American for-profit "concentration camp"


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH teens will never forget their time at Homestead High, the punishment they receive for seeking asylum in America.





Relax, it’s a for-profit camp, so market forces will fix any problems. /s


They manage to perform the technical functions like transferring them when they’re 18, but they fail the most basic human functions like preventing them from getting molested.


“Since news of family separation at the southern border began shedding more light on the abuses inside such private facilities, activists across the country have been paying careful attention to who actually enables private prison companies in their day to day operations. In other words, they’ve been meticulously following the money story behind the story — and found that brand-name banks like Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have provided billions in financing to private prisons over the past decade.”


The light. It burns!


How do they keep track of birthdays but not the location of parents?


Hey, they tattooed the kids with their own prisoner numbers, not their parents prisoner numbers as well. That ink costs valuable prison profit nickles!


Good grief man! Did you forget your /s tag?
Please tell me they aren’t tattooing these kids.
Please tell me they aren’t tattooing these kids.
Please tell me they aren’t tattooing these kids.
breath… that I can’t say out of hand “they aren’t tattooing these kids! c’mon!”
shows just how far we have fallen in just two short years
Overton window has become the pit in Sparta…


I’m sorry, for causing concern. ICE are not, to the best of my knowledge tattooing the kids, nor are they injecting them with RFID chips, I’m pretty positive of that… pretty positive.


Sitting here in Iquitos Peru with my teenage grandkids all full of laughs and hopes, the reality of this is heart breaking. Brasil has voted in a Trumpian neo-nazi and Venezuelan refugees are showing up in great numbers. Squatters camps pop up all over the place. Just people trying to escape tyrants, feed and raise families. I have to wonder how it might go if the oppression nearby puts my own family at risk. What if they need to flee. Do they head for the former United States where a crazed jackal waits to split them apart. Could I really say sorry Gabriel, but it the law. Here is your cage. Could I go home to a large empty house and not become insane. Could I support my country? Could I refrain from felonies for any length of time. We are already in such dangerous territory, how quickly can we clean this chapter of American Hatred. Can the nation survive itself. Will my neighbors and friends see my family or just Brown People? I’m sad, I’m scared and more than anything I’m fucking furious that that criminal bastard is still loose on the world.


Jeepers, Mudhead!
(It feels like side three of a Firesign Theater record, sigh)


They were already treating “illegals” as subhuman before Trump came along

They’re unlikely to be tattooing anybody now if they weren’t doing the same thing when Obama was around … if that really makes you feel better

@Wanderfound I’m sure you’re on top of this stuff

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For starters, see:

Pretty much everything that the Trump administration is doing is just Clinton/Obama policy with the volume cranked up and the mask ripped off.

Yes, Trump is making it worse. But it was already completely indefensible.


Are they tattooing the children? Or chipping them?


Not that I’m aware of.

However, there is this:


Incidentally, I think this post was the first mention of AOC on the BBS:

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