Threat was merely meme, claims athlete


John Cleese said you can be funny about anything, but people may misunderstand your intentions.


Unused? So all the google images entries under “I will murder your whole fucking family” are of recent origin?

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The murder ‘threat’ came from Martin, not Incognito, @beschizza.

It’s a clusterfuck. Did the team management take lessons from A Few Good Men?

Edit: adding this.

In all of google images I see about 15 examples, with no entries anywhere at the usual places other than a few random cute pics with that text applied.

Fixed it, cheers!

I know just the person to explain his error to him.

It’s funny because it’s a murder threat. Get it?

Sure, like you guys have never made jokes that if printed in text content alone couldn’t be wildly misconstrued and used for grandstanding. This is ridiculous, it was a joke. I’ve said far worse every week to my friends in fantasy football.

Well technically the juxtaposition between the fairly severe sounding murder threat and whatever cute/strange looking face it’s been put on is what’s supposed to be funny. It’s not actually making a joke out of threatening to murder someone, per say…

It’s true, this case is pretty ridiculous and the humor is clear. But the guy was a dick in a lot of other ways and definitely deserved to lose his job.

This is just like that unfortunate time when Charlie Manson and his family tried to break into show business with their little comedy act: “The Aristocrats”

Some people just don’t understand the funny.

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No, the point is that Martin is the one that sent this image, not Incognito. Martin is using it as humor, Incognito was using it as fucked-up motivation.

Yeah? They are not both using it as joke? You’ve sat them down and figured it all out? Because it looks to me like both are joking. But you know better than I.

Is that a German Shorthaired Pointer?

But they weren’t friends.
Incognito’s totally in the wrong in the big-picture - but texting ‘I will murder your whole fucking family’ to someone who you claim was making your life hell isn’t gonna seem like you were just kidding around with a pal.

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or it’s one of those jokes that feels like a threat.

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with this guy?

I, for one, can’t imagine he’d be a bully.

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I tried referencing Ren & Stimpy once by saying “You idiot! Are you trying to kill me?” It easily ranks in the top-10 of my most ill-advised attempts at humor.

Not likely. The solid grey color makes me think he or she is a weimaraner which (along with vizslas) looks a lot like GSPs.