Three gentlemen on a motorcycle fail to break into a moving truck


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The third guy bails out butt first, gotta love that.


One guy to drive, one guy to break in, and one guy to…supervise? Was this a Teamsters operation?


Apparently this kind of high-speed thefts is so common that some truck drivers install infrared cameras on their trailers.
One tiny brake check and you’re good:

It is very impressive viewed from the outside:


Consider me callous, but if I were the third guy, I would have at least checked inside before abandoning the operation. Contraband might have been used to barter for medical services.


I think we should have a feature that lets us rate BB posts on a scale of 1 to 5 gentlemen.


Contraband might have been used to barter for medical services.

Or possibly to provide something soft to land on.


I’m sure some are installed for security purposes, but I’ve also seen these used as backup cameras.

Either way, these cameras are becoming more common!


The video looped so well I was going to comment on how “Another gang was right there to take their turn!” but seems the post already took care of that.




From watching the video a few times I think that might be what happened, it appears the bike bumps into the back of the truck-- did he speed up or did the truck tap the brakes?


Seven times down; eight times up.

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Buster Keaton when we need him.


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