Three Identical Strangers, a dark documentary about identical triplets who were separated-at-birth


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It’s like having two imaginary friends, that are REAL.


Wikipedia says of the odds:

The odds of having identical triplets is unclear. News articles and other non-scientific organizations give odds from one in 60,000 to one in 200 million pregnancies.

Add to that the unlikelihood that two or more of said triplets would encounter each other by chance, and it becomes clear that the most reasonable explanation for this story is “products of a sinister secret government cloning program.”


Very vague quasi-spoiler ahead…

There’s a special place in hell for people like Dr. Peter Neubauer and his accomplices right next to Josef Mengele. That’s all I’ll say. Watch the documentary.


Think i will be googling it as i wont be going to sundace and it wont be in theatres where i live…


i kept saying “dont read the comments” but i did it anyway. personally i dont mind, but your comment does serve as a spoiler even if you feel its not too much.


Fair enough. Modded for my super-vague spoiler. I hope you still watch the documentary as there’s much more there.


They’re all Adolf Hitler???


It’s Godwin’s law, not Godwin’s suggestion! :wink:


That part’s not strange at all. It’s well-documented weirdness that identical twins end up doing identical things, even highly unlikely ones. Like marrying people with the same name, or founding similar companies - things that should not be genetic.

Plus, how many community colleges could that county have?


I do like a good old laugh out loud. Thank you for providing one. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


From the Independent article on the story, quoting a statement by the Jewish Board, “We hope that the film encourages others to come forward and request access to their records."

How many?


There is absolutely no reason for the apostrophes in “separated-at-birth.”


Are there other documentaries about these guys, or perhaps has this one been sitting on a shelf for a while? Because I swear I already watched this about five years ago at San Jose Cinequest.

Or am I having a Mandela Effect moment?


Hey, I’m sure I had the Mandela Effect years ago.


The spoiler twist is that they each tried to hit each of the others up for money.

Just kidding.


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