Three wonderfully odd urinals


When did horrifying become wonderfully odd? I would turn around if I walked into a bathroom with that first one.

Love the brass section though.

The brass section is clearly a manifestation of the ‘Golden Toilet’ joke.


These would definitely go in my “Dear John” collection.


Shortly after winning the 2000 Presidential election, President-elect George W. Bush and his wife Laura were invited to the White House for a customary congratulatory dinner with outgoing President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary.

During the meal Bush excused himself to use the facilities and was amazed to find a solid gold urinal in the Presidential washroom. “This IS a sweet gig,” he thought to himself as he washed his hands and returned to the dining room. “Wait until I tell Laura about this.”

A few days later the First Ladies met again for tea as their husbands prepared for the transition. “How did George enjoy his first evening at the White House?” Hillary asked. “Oh, he can’t wait to move in,” said Laura. “He couldn’t stop talking about how fancy the facilities were—he seemed especially taken with that solid gold Presidential urinal.”

Later that evening Hillary turned to Bill and said “Well, I found out who peed in your saxophone…”


I would not want to be inspecting that cleaver with a full bladder.

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Looks like yer odds are 50/50… Pull the wrong handle and…

I do not like oddly designed urinals. They make me worry that I will mistake something’s function and commit a particularly unsanitary faux pas.

Please tell me it’s not just me.

What is the first one supposed to be? I feel like it’s some kind of obscure racist stereotype.

I don’t know why its pineal gland is protruding though.

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