Thunder Bay: podcast about Canada's hate crime and murder capital is a cross between Serial and Crimetown

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So its Canada’s answer to Newark.

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Just listened to the first episode. It’s great. Shocking, but very well done. Canadaland is one of the best podcast networks in Canada for news and commentary. If you’re Canadian (or are interested in what’s happening in Canada), I highly recommend you subscribe and join their patreon campaign.


Okay, as a long time resident of Thunder Bay, I feel I have to give a mild defense.

One thing to keep in mind is that per capita stats disadvantage small cities. One drug deal gone wrong barely moves the per capita needle in Toronto, but with about 108k people, one bad drug deal gone wrong pushes Thunder Bay to the top of the “murder capital of Canada” list. But this doesn’t mean that the average citizen of Thunder Bay is in any more day-to-day danger than the average citizen of Toronto.

Now yes, the current mayor, Hobbs, has been an embarrassment, that will change today (municipal elections today). And yes, there is certainly a problem with racism against the First Nation population. But Thunder Bay as the murder-death-shithole capital of Canada is pushing things a bit.

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Would you settle for “A murder death shithole, in Canada, but, you know, maybe not the worst, I dunno”?

Well, that’s kinda the problem with any discussion on the internet; there’s an extremest biased. It’s hard to have a “not perfect, room the improvement; nuanced discussion”. Any interest discussion tends towards extremes.

Will I claim that Thunder Bay is the best place to live in Canada with no room for improvements? No, absolutely not. But the OP, in my view, wen to far in the other extreme.

I have never been to Thunder Bay and I think the podcast is trying to do two things: 1. tell a good story, 2. try to bring awareness to what’s happening in northern Canada and maybe affect change. So, I’m sure the podcast will have its share of hyperbole and miss some nuance (though hopefully it will stay factual). I’m honestly interested in knowing what they leave out or get wrong.

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