Tibet women's football team denied entry to US "because reasons"

Apparently, they were told that attending a football tournament in Texas is not a legitimate reason to visit the country.


I guess that ritual to bind Trump against harming people, was, at minimum, not completely effective.


I don’t know that this had anything to do with Trump harming people. Perhaps the ritual protected them from being killed or imprisoned if they got their visas and arrived in the US.

I do wonder about the football tournament, and which groups of people were granted visas to attend.

I tend to think of Trump as being a symptom of a cultural problem, rather than a cause.


Maybe nobody has a good reason for visiting this shithole of a country.

The wall will keep us in, not keep them out.

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Is it because Tibet is not recognised by FIFA? (Edit: because they are not an independent state)

It’s not a good excuse, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar are members of FIFA, and they are all part of the United Kingdom or its overseas territory.


No, it’s because Tibetans are brown, a little bit, and might be Muslim if they weren’t Buddhist, which is pretty much the same anyway. Better safe than sorry right? Abundance of caution etc. etc.

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Also, this guy:


Long url short, Austrian composer denied entry, likely because a long time ago he visited Iran.

This is fucking madness.


That’s a story in itself. The Forbidden Team’s a great doco.

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Don’t fret, Tibetan gals. Maybe you were done a favor.

From my brother-in-law, seen on a men’s restroom wall:

Here I sit, with cheeks a-flexin’,
tryin’ to make another Texan.

Oh, the dilemma for a Trump apparatchik.

You have to choose between

  • Letting poor non-white people into the US
  • Failing to annoy the Chinese government

I’m sure a few tweets to the orange one about US immigration services bowing to the will of Beijing would set this boiling a little hotter.

IIRC the team is comprised of Tibetan people in exile in India, rather than from the Tibetan geography which China claims.

I don’t know whether or not they may be “poor”, but their ethnicity is closer to American than that of white Europeans, in any case.

One word;

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