Ticket checker on the Minneapolis metro thinks he's an immigration cop


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Christ that guy had balls to confont the ticket inspector like that.


Here is the proper response to someone asking about your citizenship without showing identification from ICE.


Well, who am I to tell what a person self identifies as.

Though, when you start imposing power you don’t have on other people, you have crossed a line.


I see someone exceeding in his post. He should be commended for enforcing the laws of the land.


Wow, what a self-entitled jerk with a teeny little bit of power (“No ticket? Get off!”) who obviously wants a LOT more power. Good for bystander, but that took a good deal of confidence to do, and not a little empathy for his fellow rider. I really despise public servants who forget who they serve: the public.


Why are you praising the ticket checker’s overreach of authority?


A big problem here is that LEO’s in general have zero obligation to respond to questions about the limits of their authority truthfully or factually.

And there is approximately zero likelihood of any consequence if their lies result in someone’s rights being violated.

But also, is the ticket checker even a LEO?


Because it’s a well aged troll account. Don’t feed it.


The Metro Police are sworn officers, but they, just as any municipal officer, can’t enforce federal laws.


Glad that he did. MPLS is a sanctuary city and people won’t stand for that kind of B.S. from racist assmunches.


What was so ballsy about it? I love that he did it, and many more people should, but I dislike the portrayal of this as dangerous or scary, because I want more people to join in. More than anything this took empathy for the person being victimized, and a willingness to speak. I love this person for doing what he did. We all can do this.


It’s a good response even when they show ICE identification.



What I do not see is the context of the conversation. I mean on our light rail the ticket checkers as for ID from riders who cannot prove payment. They photograph the ID and send the guy on their way.

So was this the tail end of an enforcement action like that? I mean he did cross the line when he asked about immigration status but asking for ID may have been legit.


This is Minneapolis, where the rent-a-cops at Mall Of America follow you around and write your name in a little book if you look “Italian”. Why am I not the least bit surprised?


I realize that you just want people to suffer and haven’t thought much further than that, but there’s a part of me that hopes you get what you want: all police officers empowered to enforce immigration law.

Because this would actually lead to even more widespread distrust and hostility towards the police in immigrant communities, transforming them into police-free areas and making more space for the kind of illegal migrant support infrastructure anarchists are developing in Greece these days. By giving up on “keeping one’s head down” to stay safe, we might see the possibility of immigrants and their allies actually organizing their own power independent of the government, police, etc.

That would be a beautiful thing, and fear of it is exactly why city governments don’t allow police to enforce immigration law.


I think it has something to do with all of the contempt of cop murders taking place these days.


I agree 100% but some of us aren’t as good with confrontation. I applaud him for doing so.