Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover is great for messy eaters

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"Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover is great for messy eaters"


What’s it taste like?


I kept these around an office I managed, it allowed me to continue to wear The Shirt Of 1000 Coffee Spills for a couple years without any evidence of spillage.


Can you use it to remove stains from teeth?

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One in the office, one at home & one in my purse. You can’t take me anywhere.

I used to carry one around with me before the pandemic. Always a drop of bbq sauce or ketchup, guaranteed.

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Has anyone had any dermatitis from these? I’ve always been really careful to rinse cleaners off of clothes before wearing, so I’m a bit skeeved out by a stain treatment you use while you are wearing the clothing, and don’t immediately rinse out.

Not me, but I do get rashes when I wash behind someone who has used powder detergent at the laundromat. Geez, I hate that powder sludge.

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After a certain point, doesn’t it make sense to stop fighting and dye the shirt in coffee?

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A friend of mine once tried this with grease stains. Didn’t go well.

That said: Tide to go pens are incredibly useful. They also dry out eventually (takes at least months, possibly over a year), especially if not used regularly. Past-me thought he could just keep one in a laptop case and use it in emergencies once in a great while on work trips (I have had several serious and very badly timed apparel problems in clients’ parking lots), and now I know to check the tide pen once in a while just to be sure.

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