Tiffin: a boardgame based on Mumbai's miraculous lunch-delivery network


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This is the best time to be a board game player and fan!

Well, no. The day they start selling gaming partners so I dont have a house full of boxes I dont play, that would be the best. But the second best time, really. Plenty of interesting games with great designs and great themes, from all sources, styles, more Euro, more Ameritrash (no offense - I play those more), more hibrid, more experimental …


Don’t even joke. Lunch is not a game!


But game can be a lunch!


This is what’s wrong with Amurrica! We don’t take lunch seriously enough!


It’s no wonder that China’s eating our lunch!*


  • Trump 2016!


I’m so happy at the renaissance of social deduction games. A lot of my friends were intimidated by the intricate systems favored by German style Eurogames. (Friedmann Friese, I’m looking at YOU!)

I love ameritrash, as long as the “Take That!” aspect isn’t dialed up too much.

Looking forward to playing Tiffin, too! (Rio Grande makes good games that balance price with component glitz)


In India lunch games you.

(I’ll get my coat.)


I’ll stop you there and say “yes”.


If lunchtime is an illusion, then what’s lunch?


I’m an old curmudgeon and misanthrope with no friends. Can I get this in video game form? I’d play the hell out of this.


For a detailed explanation about how the system works in real life, read The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie. Just don’t upset the Iranians by reading the unkind bits about the Ayatollah Khomeini.
Actually, if you haven’t read it, read it anyway.


Whenever I hear about tiffins, I wish there was a restaurant that’d just deliver me a tiffin box for lunch that I could return afterwards.


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