It's crazy to eat a pillow of chips


Continuing the discussion from MSG is safe enough for me:

#it’s crazy to eat a pillow of chips.

  1. think of something crazy
  2. type it's crazy to into a post
  3. and following it with your crazy thing you just thought of
  4. bonus points if you’ve stolen the phrase


Chicken salt, with and without chicken

it’s crazy to keep making all these so-called games that are mostly excuses for harvesting meta-data


but salt and fat, and fake vinegar flavor… which is why i very rarely buy more than a single serving bag of chips.
ETA oh wait were making a game… hmm
it’s crazy to post to one of @othermicheals threads without reading the fine print!


it’s crazy to keep creating more topics about Rob Ford


it’s crazy but it keeps us from crying


It’s crazy to put a pillow in the chipper.
And even more crazy to feel chipper after eating a pillow.


It’s crazy to eat a pillow with chimps.


it’s crazy to beat a pile of wimps


It’s crazy to beat a fellow with whips.


It’s crazy to think that you could have a murder of crows, a clowder of cats, a rafter of turkeys, but not a chipper of pillows.


It’s crazy to think that if the wife doesn’t see me eat a pillow of chips that it doesn’t count.


It’s crazy to use Google Autocomplete


it’s crazy to cross the streams like that


It’s crazy to cheat and swallow the pip.


Apparently, it’s crazy to stay Chinese in Minnesota.


It’s crazy to even look at those banana pants.


it’s crazy to wn, forget it, jake


it’s crazy to ask @TobinL what he thinks


It’s crazy how you can always find the perfect animated gif.


It’s crazy to think that my hands are between a couple pillows when I’m road trippin’ with @OtherMichael