TikToker decided it would be funny to "accidentally" dump huge bin of milk and cereal inside NYC subway during pandemic

Come on - it was totally an accident, obviously. It all accidentally spilled out when he deliberately tipped the giant box completely to one side. How was he to know that milk was a liquid?

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I haven’t struck another person since 1984. I have a dreadful, dawning sense that run is coming to an end. Between Nazis and these idiotic tools, I’m just about at the end of my tolerance.
I keep proposing to others a little thought experiment. What if it was children 0-10 y.o. who were doing most of the dying? Then will people pull their heads out of their asses, I wonder?
*Edited to change dong into doing. Been a dong day :wink:


And as long as TikTok and other websites allow (and profit) from illegal activity hosting such thing.

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Does rotting milk stink?
Is rotting milk alive?

Oh boy, there’s much you don’t know.


That’s the scary part.

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Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

NOW I understand…

Milk, especially cereal milk gets sticky quick.
Milk, especially milk that’s been sitting out smells
Milk contains active bacterial cultures, so it’s technically alive


I think this might be the better option…

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Do people make money from popular tiktok videos? Or was this just for imaginary internet points?

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I guess that they profit indirectly, as “influencers”.

Unbelievably immature. How did this idiot graduate from kindergarten?

And how did it happen that he was recording when it happened? When one deliberately does something like this it’s both littering and vandalism.

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Oh, that’s totally another accident - he was about to tell a funny joke (I mean, he is a popular TickToker, so obviously there’s a legitimate reason he’s popular, right?), so they were recording him, but instead the milk spilled and he never got to tell his joke! Ooops!

Teenagers can’t tell the difference between fear and amusement, aggression and humor, “this is outside my previous experience and could get me in a lot of trouble” versus “this is hilarious,” but then this guy is supposed to be old enough to drive and buy his own cigarettes

I think community service would be a fitting sentence. Inspiration:

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