The three New York cops who drank "poisoned" milkshakes didn't get sick

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Makes you wonder if police unions ever stopped to think if they’re the problem…

Naaaah… thinking is overrated


I realize that this requires introspection; but having to resort to imaginary grievances really ought to make you rethink how hard done by you really are(n’t).

Also, not that this is particularly grave on the scale of counteproductive policing, we appear to have a situation where panic over disrespect-of-police got in the way of a boring, but potentially important, check from some relevant health inspection entity. A fair few ways for a milkshake to fail to taste and smell right; most of them related to unthrilling details of expiration dates, storage temperatures; and cross-contamination controls.

Edit: speaking of handling controls, is “so they threw the drinks in the trash and alerted a manager” how these guys were trained to handle evidence? Because if I thought that I had just been poisoned I’d be pretty interested in the sample following the neatest possible chain of custody to the folks in the lab; not, y’know, immediately destroying the evidence. Does that strike anyone else as either unbelievably incompetent or not really onboard with the purported incident?


So, what you’re saying is someone acted like a snowflake and overreacted to a very simple situation…and said snowflake was the cops?


this popped up on my feed the other day…


Wow, I can’t wait for Fox News to reveal the truth of what happened here! (/s)

A lie travels halfway around the world etc. etc. etc.


The NYC cops’ union acting badly again? Is anyone surprised? I’ve known some good cops in NYC, but they have quite a burden dealing with the bad cops and the union, who perpetually do nasty things that degrade the public’s confidence in the cops.


I seriously think there are a lot of cops out there who need to be thinking more about “low carb” and less about milkshakes .


Is this what even the slightest loss of privilege leads to? “Have a heart and tell an officer ‘thank you’, because I don’t hear ‘thank you’ enough anymore”.

Yeah, she’s not in the job for the right reasons


Reading the linked article, it’s clear that the story got more and more untruthful and inflammatory the higher it got on the command chain. It’s not just a few bad low level officers.


There will be no consequences for this, or any of the lying they have done for decades with peoples lives on the line.


It’s like the children’s game of telephone mixed with guns and entitlement.


This is 1,000,000% the reason everything is fucked lately. Too many morons with zero level of introspection.

People who don’t think before they act are dangerous and the reason that we have Trump to begin with.


Never assume that knowing leads to caring. A lot of these people know exactly what they are doing. This is why they are so effective and powerful. They are simply evil.


The knowledge that this person carries a gun and is given the authority to use force if she feels threatened makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I guarantee that the worker making $8.85/hr who didn’t clean out the shake machine the right way has suffered far more consequences than any of the cops who lied about the incident.


So we’re literally seeing cops get hysterical. The three cops at the heart of it only got sent to the hospital so that the police could say, “they were taken to the hospital!” All the other cops freaking out are doing so over absolutely nothing. I await outbreaks of the police engaging in spontaneous, uncontrollable dancing, laughing, fainting, meowing like cats and accusing people of being witches.

Honestly, food workers should start putting benign but unexpected ingredients in food for police so that it “tastes odd” and causes the cops to freak out. (Even better: some nice healthful vitamin c powder, or there’s some highly bitter but non-toxic food additive whose name I forget. Just a tiny pinch would work.) Eventually they might get the message. (Or police departments will implode due to paranoia.)

Edit: Holy shit. The news should be a hell of lot more skeptical of what the cops say, apparently:


I kept expecting something to actually happen in that story. So McDonalds took a super long time with her food, and she’s suddenly imagining that they’ve poisoned it? How many actual cases of someone poisoning a cop at a fast food drive through have there been ever? I seem to vaguely remember something about LSD and a Taco Bell, but I think that wasn’t specifically targeted at the police. The irony that she is so shaken by a mostly imaginary fear after a few weeks of backlash directed at the police after an eternity of the police actually killing Black people is rich. Snowflake is not the right term for her. I vote asshole. Entitled asshole.


Me, too. That suspenseful build up - I thought sure when the worker brought her coffee, she then said something disparaging to the cop or spit at the car - but no, nothing. This video was the perfect storm of entitlement, self pity and hangry.


If only there were some law against filing a false report…

Oh yeah, rules for the little people, not the enforcers.