Unappetizing milkshake leads to Burger King assault

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Late-Stage Capitalism


I was gonna go with “Christ, what an asshole.”, but that works too.


Guy’s first mistake was going into Burger King and expecting something tasty.


Okay. What it’s going on with people attacking minimum wage earners lately? I think that we should add them to the list of possible hate crime victims.


That’s really reserved now for goatse.


Guy’s second mistake was not finishing the job. She apparently lived, so now next time she and the other workers will be serving up the same un-tasty product.

Isn’t this one definition of insanity? Ordering the same item from Burger King over and over while expecting a different result?


Ah the intoxicating effects of a BK “mlkshake”…

So, I take it her milkshake does not, in fact, bring the boys to the yard?


Came to the comments section for this, and only this.

La la la la la
Warm it up…

In all fairness, I tried a BK milkshake about 3 years ago after my kids refused to drink them and I’d have to say this man was acting in self-defense. Let’s not be too quick to judge.

Ah yes, that moment when you are so full of rage that you cannot but assault an elderly person (minimum wage worker at that) over a 3 dollar milkshake. I know it too well.
Oh wait, no, I don’t know it seeing that I’m not a raging lunatic

You know, I think it’ll go just like with the leaded fuel that may or may not have ‘fueled’ people’s violent tendencies in earlier decades. We’ll find out that similar ‘side effects’ come from people being constantly doped up on prescription and non-prescription psychoactive drugs all the time.
But by the time, off course it will be too big, too omnipresent and far reaching too even be properly comprehended by the majority of people.

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