TikTok stars Blake Gray and Bryce Hall charged with misdemeanors for huge pandemic parties in L.A.

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I suspect that the retributive instincts of an internet fungus are not a sound basis for public policy; but “asshole tiktok influencer fills home with likeminded pals” sounds like a “barricade it from the outside and call it a win” situation to me.


What? Two douchebags with super-villain machinations only rate a misdemeanor?


They need to get the full sentence, even if it’s deferred due to the crisis. And the power and water at that house needs to stay off until at least the end of the year.


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I’m so tired of entitled, spoiled children doing stupid, dangerous or lethal things. These two aren’t all that different from the Trump kid who murdered demonstrators - they all think their opinions are facts, just because they believe them, and they all think they are entitled to act on their fantasies in the real world and face no consequences for their actions.

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Why not make them pay for hospital stays for anyone who got covid at the party and is hospitalized? 2K fine is a joke and a year in jail is not likely.

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Maybe we do live in a computer simulation, because that last image in the OP sure does look like a screenshot from The Sims.

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