Time-capsule: hi-rez scans of 1946 Toronto Star funny-pages pull-out

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Black paper! Put black paper behind news print when you scan, people!


Curiously the Li’l Abner comic is about reading old newspapers from years before.


Very nice, very nice indeed!


Is that 2 tablespoons of Grape nuts ever hour or was it some kind of early version of Soylent Green?

Popeye is worried about spoilers. I love it.


October 12, 1946 was indeed a Saturday.

Copyright infringement + time = comedy

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[quote=“kmoser, post:8, topic:61732, full:true”]
Copyright infringement + time = comedy
[/quote]Just curious - are any of these comics covered by copyright due to the various measures taken to lengthen copyright to absurd periods?

Notice how 10/13 appears in the corners of many - that because they were intended for Sunday publication but the Toronto Star ran the full color “sunday” strips on Saturday

The Star was still running their Sunday full colour comics section on Saturdays when I was a kid (in the 80’s)… As did the other local papers, if I’m not mistaken. The Saturday paper was always the much bigger one round these parts, growing up. I’m guessing it still is, though I haven’t actually bought a newspaper in 15 years.

I sure wish he had put the scans into a PDF though… I love that he scanned them and they look pretty great, but a one-document download would be fun.

Nice. But why has he disabled download?

I’m guessing that’s just his default Flickr setting.

It’s not too hard to figure out the image location though, since you can still get to the “download” page… Here’s the full-res Blondie, for example. Right-click->Inspect element in FFox or Chrome and it’s right there below the spaceball gif.

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So does anybody know which year the punchline was invented? Because these strips sure predate that concept.

(Yes, I’m aware that half are non-episodic “serials” - but even the self-contained vignettes just tail off quietly)

Yup, the big Toronto Star edition with the weekend comics insert is still Saturdays. As far as I know, this is a widespread Canadian practice, probably dating from when there was either no paper on Sundays, or a much more limited edition.

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