Time-lapse: 11 years of the Opportunity Mars Rover's collision-avoidance camera


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Alternative 3 seems to be progressing nicely!


I am reminded of some friends playing the roleplaying game Traveller decades ago, when one addressed the rest of the group with the statement, “This planet is SHIT!”


Suicide mission or rendezvous with destiny?


Why the “or”?


All our lives are a suicide mission but I don’t let it bother me.


What’s up with its audio? Is that from Mars?


I love the NASA archive footage of the collision avoidance testing program.


One of the title cards in the video explains the source of the audio. It has to do with the accelerometer on the rover detecting the roughness of the terrain it’s passing over.


Thanks. I didn’t even read those. Haha!


Here’s what the rover itself plays while it’s motoring about.


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