Timelapse of this year's Burning Man

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So how was Burning Man?

Like explaining the Bhagavad Gita to a jar of sand.


I’m curious mostly about the “fantastic lows”.



for many reasons, this may have been my best burn in many years. suddenly i’m all re-energized about all things burning man, and that’s above my normal level of excitement year-round about it.

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excuse me I’ll be in my bunk.


sigh… next year next year…

Can anybody explain the idea of burning a massive pile of wood for fun in the age of global warming? Is it any different from rednecks with coal-burning trucks?

Wood is not a fossil fuel.

Growing trees and then burning the wood is a sustainable carbon-neutral activity.

Glad we could clear that up for you.

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It’s generating a lot of heat just for fun. Is that hard to understand?

It is a pretty small percentage of the actual entropy causing global warming. (Side note: I’m not a burner. I was last interested in going about 15 years ago. If you have to make an argument against it, that’s probably the one with the smallest chance of getting traction.)

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They aren’t burning coal, that is just a nick name.


That’s not how global warming works.

All the heat energy produced by burning things, everywhere in the world, all year long, is trivial compared to the extra solar heat retained in the atmosphere due to increasing carbon dioxide levels.

Unlike coal mines and oil wells, forests are constantly reabsorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Hippies dancing around giant piles of wood is not the problem.

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