A wall to keep the burners out

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@Cowicide - See a post about burners! oh wait… :smile:


sick bern


Setting the parody aside, can somebody explain why people burn a ton of wood just for fun? Haven’t they heard of global warming?

Just guessing, but…

I’d say likely it has something to do with reconnecting with our primal attraction to fire. That and creating things that you then destroy is a shout out to the nature of impermanence, like tibetan sand mandalas.

Ever sat around a camp fire with friends and played music? This is a festival based around taking that idea to the extreme.

I don’t know if they use sustainably grown wood, someone else will have to answer that aspect.


Not sure if Poe, but isn’t burning wood considered carbon neutral (for certain categories of wood, at least)?

Have you ever spent some time just watching a fire burn?
It is well worth the amount of wood consumed.
I suggest the experience, even if it is just a small camp-grade fire. You don’t have to burn down Dresden to appreciate a good fire. Even if the bigger the better.

Carbon this, carbon that, the greenies would love to spoil everybody’s fun.


Given that Burning Man is largely a gathering place for rich white entitled San Franciscans I see this (parody) solution as a wonderful way to choke SF rent prices back down to realistic levels by walling out the richest and most privileged of the ‘Nouveau riche’ so we can get back to real business up on Nob Hill.

Given the temperatures out there, would burners be both homogenized and pasteurized?


Need to put up a wall around Portland, too…

That’s a lot of axes you’re grinding there!

But you’ve mostly the missed the boat on this one, Burning Man is (sadly) no longer primarily a San Francisco centric event, its pretty much global now. And hell, lots of the participants don’t even seem particularly “privileged” or even “white” for that matter.

And if you want to bitch about the “most privileged of the ‘Nouveau riche’” in SF, those folks mostly don’t go to Burning Man and have arrived in SF looong after Burning Man culture was a prime mover here.

But thanks for trolling. Its not at all tedious to read that sort of cliche rant against Burning Man. (eyes thoroughly rolled).


we don’t just burn a “ton” of wood.

we burn TONS of woods.

And we burn thousands of gallons of diesel fuel to get that wood out there.

And once we get out there, we burn more diesel – and propane – to make it even more awesome.

ART does not yield to rationality


Burning gas or oil is taking carbon that has been sequestered for millions of years and dumping it into the atmosphere. The carbon from/in a wood fire is part of a short carbon cycle. It does put carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, but only CO2 that was sequestered recently and it’ll shortly go back into plants.

Plus wood fires are wonderfully homely.


Citation needed.


…have you got an advance copy of my book?




Also: artisinally-crafted ecstacy s’mores (playa dust flava).


honestly? Extreeeeeme caaaaamping is just glamping with more dust and less clothes.


Can I get the smores, sans ecstacy, in a plot next to a river? Sometimes I feel like I must be boring. A Belgian beer would be nice though.


ha!..in what universe?

…you would probably even make you own chocolate, marshmallows, and beer, from scratch.


Fuck arson! All you criminals… Oh wait. It’s a festival you say? Carry on then. Just don’t trash the desert. Carry in carry out and all. If you find any celebrities or tech entrepreneurs not following the self reliant / wilderness aesthetics pleas shame them into picking up their own trash. If BM does ever flame out and die at least the space could be equally well used for a live fire bombing range.

In the cold clear light of the next day, it’s obvious I missed an easy el-wire joke.

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