Help wanted: Burning Man's Chief Fed


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That’s a big can of worms to deal with for salary $69,497 to $90,344 and in the middle of nowhere to boot , no thanks.


$70-90K is rather a lot of money if you’re not in a big city. E.G. my parents live in a medium-sized town in a location with easy access to shopping, and the rent on a nice three-bedroom house with a basement was $400/month.

(In before five thousand off-topic comments inexplicably asserting that only gross rich people go to Burning Man.)


I don’t think you’re required to sit there in Black Rock Desert 365 days a year. They probably have an office for you.

Also, only gross rich people go to Burning Man.


I know, I KNOW!


And I’m sure it won’t be long before the Bundy Family’s Traveling Roadshow shows up to complicate things further.


does the position have the rest of the year off?


I’m willing to bet handling the logistics for the event and impact studies would be plenty of work to occupy the remainder of the year.


How about having this person do an environmental impact assessment of burning wood in the desert, in the age of global warming, just because a bunch of morons think it’s pretty?


You’re not a scientist, I gather.



I don’t want to quibble, but I’m fairly certain more than 144 rich people go to Burning Man.




Called it!


You’re wrong. My turn to guess: you’re actually a cat, right?


It would be next to nothing.

More wood gets burned in one night in small towns where it gets cold than the whole Burningman Event.


I’ll have Earl head out there and look into it.


Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere. You burn a tree, you release the carbon. You grow another tree, you get the carbon back again. As long as the trees are grown sustainably, there is no problem.

If you wanted to make a valid point you should have gone after the transportation. Fossil carbon doesn’t get put back.


If you’re a scientist, you should know better than to go around repeating dubunked theories. You’ve been told several times by several people, with evidence, that Burning Man’s fires cannot have any significant climactic impact. If you had any plausible counterarguments, you would have deployed them by now. But you keep coming into these threads peddling the notion that Burning Man causes global warming.

Why can’t you just admit that you feel threatened by bunch of hippies having a big bonfire?


Hell yeah!!! Let’s be idiots because other people are idiots.