Timelapse: Reviving Rose of Jericho plants


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some sort of cross between “They’re coming to get you Barbara” and “Feed me, Seymour!” (nevermind the triffids)

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Man, I had one of these things as a kid, and it was the greatest things ever. I’d resurrect it maybe once every couple of years to show a “nonbeliever”. Other than that, it sat in a little clear plastic box on my shelf.

These things are about as cool as the dead looking dark green dry moss that grows on granite boulders around here that turns a bright and vibrant green as soon as you pour water (or pee) on it.

Mmmmm, golden mean ratios in the spiral under the credits and 1:20. Hulk love.

Ang Lee’s or Louis Leterrier’s Hulk?

Came here to say Audrey - how can you call something beautiful that clearly wants to eat you?

I had one of those. You don’t exactly need a time lapse for it, really. It happens pretty quick.

Hmmmmm… Reminds me of the alien facehugger.

Did a bit of reading and it turns out that Selaginella lepidophylla is actually a really interesting plant. It’s a type of spikemoss that grows in the Chihuahuan Desert - in the Southwestern U.S. and mainly in Mexico.

It turns out that Rose of Jericho is one of the herbal remedies being tested for its medicinal abilites. It has been used traditionally as an herbal medicine tea to treat colds and sore throats. Initial testing has shown that the plant has antimicrobial properties. Here’s a link to a pdf of a study showing bacterial inhibition. At this time, little is still known about the medicinal benefits of the plant.

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