Tiny business card sculptures of the profession on the card


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This is what I call a real “Monday” peice on BB.


Blurring out the contact information kind of ruins the whole point of a business card. The shipping one is just a card sculpture.


What if our face is our business card? Will this hurt? It’ll hurt, won’t it?


No business cards from proctologists? Escorts?


Ummm… It’s digitally blurred out because these are examples and the artist is protecting the privacy of the person on the card. Also, I’m not sure why you say the shipping one is just a “card sculpture.” They are all “just” card sculptures.


You tell me, I don’t even put my surname on my cards.


Oh. Whose surname do you put on your cards?


My first name is uncommon enough that it’s First Name @ Company Name. I’m a freelancer / one-man-band-designer, so that’s enough information. I’ve only ever met one other person, in person, with my first name. If I was a Linda or something, it wouldn’t work out as well.


clever@emi.<one of the new-fangled TLDs>?

Clever as given name is super rare, I wasn’t able to find even one occurrence : )


Because if you remove the contact information, it’s not a business card any more. It’s just a card. Privacy is not the point of a business card. If you made a cute sculpture out of mine, I would want the whole world to see it. The other pictures preserve the contact information. Does that make sense?


Not entirely, and this is why privacy is a significant issue for the Internet. Business cards are for when you are meeting someone and contain personal information. If you were the VP of screwing over customers at Leviathan Inc., or the CEO of Abusive Debt Collection Ltd, you might be nervous about your phone number and email address reaching the Internet. The same if you were a human rights lawyer working in Saudi Arabia or Iran, invasion of privacy is an equal opportunity offence.


Hmm that makes sense. I’ve never held such an unpopular job myself.


You don’t even have to have an “unpopular” job. Just being known to have a lot of money or working in some professions makes you a target for spammers, fraudsters and the desperate.


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