New business card



How’d a nitwit like me get so tasteful?


Very nice.


Hey Rob – is this on top of your daily 1000mg of Television Spoilers and 500mg of Teenage Female Breast Illustration Fury?


I keed I keed. :wink: Please don’t ban me again, I just got back! :smiley:


spiritual predecessor - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

spiritual successor - as effective as the leading homeopathic treatment


That’s bone.


That’s very cool, Beschizza, but that’s nothing. Look at this:

Egg shell. With Romalian type. Whaddaya think?


“Side effects may include: refined snark, increased consumption of BBC News/Daily Mail, Goomba hallucinations, and an ability to identify subtle differences between the Canon EOS 6D and the Sony SLT-A99.”


What is this “printers” you speak of? Are these 3D printed out of sugar, plastic, metal, needle felt, alpha cellulose, banana peels?


Good news, everyone! It’s a suppository.


Came here for the American Psycho references. Was not disappointed.


Can anyone recommend a place that does proper intaglio raised-ink single-color business cards at a non-bank-breaking price?

I want raised ink but I absolutely despise the half-assed thermographic process.




I think I’ll skip the choice between egg-shell and bone, and move straight to murdering homeless people in the street, and feeding cats into ATMs.


Does the card actually weigh 1500 mg?


Still the best damn sponsored link BB ever had.


If you think the front is fancy, wait till you see the obverse…


Not for pregnant women or people with high blood pressure.

Do not drive heavy machinery while under the influence of Beschizza.

If depression or suicidal thoughts occur, consult Beschizza’s supervisor immediately.


weren’t these supposed to be blue and diamond shaped?


Mine weigh 1437mg. For reference, a US penny is about 3000mg, so about two business cards.


No one has actually posted it yet:

For my letter head I put it actually on a card stock. Made the envelopes fat and the paper really stood out. Smooth surface for writing/drawing.