Tiny Islands, an addictive card-based island-drawing game

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If you like that, you’ll probably also enjoy “Cartographers.”

Not bad for a first time I guess. Nice game!

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Sounds like it could be a good tool for building random island hexcrawls.

Archipelago of Dread, here we come…

Gah, that’s addictive! Half a hour lost to this!

I’ve gotten a higher score, but no higher then 50.

I think I should use less churches, they just aren’t that valuable.

Also, if I was smarter, or less lazy, I could memorize the daily deck and just create something that is optimal, but I’m neither of those things :sweat_smile:

Fascinating to see that this is a take on the roll & write style of board games.

I agree that churches suck. To do well, I feel like you want most features to get you 2-3 points, and it’s tough to do that with a church. Forests and mountains are where it’s at.

My highest yet, I still haven’t passed 60, but I did get a volcano island on this one!

Trees and mountains are where it’s at!

Hopefully. with this score, I can let the game go for today so I can actually get some work done. :sweat_smile:

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