Make a pleasant little town in Six-Sided Streets

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Is anything about this not a low rent Dorfromantik rip-off?

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Was about to say, Dorfromantik is definitely the game to go-to for this exact sort of play. It can be played as casually or as deeply engaged with the mechanics as you like, it’s just good fun.

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Why, yes. The scoring mechanism, and thereby the decision space is different.

There are hexes, and you’re building a populated area with features, trying to maximize score. That looks to be the limit of the similarities.

There are many boardgames that have similar mechanisms as well, but are different.

This was fun. My high is 109 so far – but I really lucked out w/ a couple of pieces that got me out of a jam.

Any plans to turn this into a physical game? Looks fun.

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