Townscaper lets you build a village with nothing but mouse clicks

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I ended up buying this game. It is a simple fun build game, and I have been making geometric patterns based on the grid system.

I just wish I could change what sort of build type I am doing, vs just colors. I have figured out how to make green space and light house tops and some other things, but I think it would be fun t have the option to place certain building/space types manually.


Déjà vu (Reboing) @frauenfelder

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It’s great as a relaxing game, but I moved on to Dorfromantik.



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Kinda regret that I missed out on picking it up for $1 in a Humble Bundle a little while ago – but then, I have a bazillion games already, and it’s probably going to be a free giveaway on the Epic Store one of these days.

If Townscaper is up your alley, check out upcoming Islands and Trains.

I found a couple of interesting procedural gems playing around with this. If you have the grid turned on, and find a place where there’s a circle (or as near as it gets, more like a rounded hexagon), build a building up to two stories, and then knock out the lower story, and you get a hovercity! I also had some fun with courtyard shapes and archway access in the surrounding walls, resulting in interesting path/statuary configurations. Every time I think they wouldn’t have anticipated some architectural weirdness I was playing with, a little piece of roof, or a clothesline, or some other charming little thing, pops out and surprises me.

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