Townscaper is a relaxing city-builder

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It’s a nice, coherent aesthetic and nifty use of the “wave function collapse” algorithm, but yeah, the feedback when the user places/removes an element is just… perfect. I’ve been hypnotized by the various gifs and videos he’s been making of the project the whole time it’s been in development, and he clearly understood the importance of having things pop, satisfyingly, in and out of existence. Plus, everything about this is really elegant - including how things work under the hood.


He has written a somewhat technical article over at about how the “game” evolved:

There’s something beautiful about just making something where the only threat is scaring the birds who sit on the roofs. I don’t consider the last few hours I spent fiddling with this program a waste at all.

That’s around a thousand little blocks that popped delightfully into existence. It’s like making your own little 3D Ghibli world.


Just felt like sharing an image of Dyna light house in the Oslo harbour:


Bookmarked and bought. This is a delight, and the tiny little suprises that appear under certain circumstances often made me laugh aloud. I won’t spoil them here, except for the tiny little coordinating post boxes that often place down by the waterline. I fine myself leaving harbors for the tiny carrier, dropping off colorful little letters from across the town. :love_letter:


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