Tiny liquid robots swim around powered by "food" in the water instead of electricity

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/12/09/tiny-liquid-robots-swim-around-powered-by-food-in-the-water-instead-of-electricity.html


Tiny liquid robots swim around powered by “food”

Um, aren’t those just humans?


I could see this being used for nanobots to work on repairing us fleshy meat machines from the inside, powering themselves from the glucose in our bloodstream. (or helping us type 2 diabetics keep their blood sugar levels down and slowing down the debilitating effects of that disease.)

What could possibly go wrong?

At some point for shits and giggles someone’s going to combine this ability with self-replication, and then we’re screwed.

Eh, that’s like worrying about the “robot uprising”.

I’m thinking more of the grey goo problem.


Exactly! (I first read this in high school, and it blew my 15 year-old mind)

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