Tipping point example


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How many hips just broke?


You know just after the gif loops someone had a phone out for the (it seems) inevitable SAR operation.


Desensitization example.
First loop, concern. Second loop, concern. Third loop, bemusement. … Fifth loop LOL (the delayed guy with the fat red back-pack who does his best to fight inertia got me)


Well I hope none did, but it looks like there was over 900 years of combined life experience on that log. My heart goes out to the old duffers, but at the same time: old farts falling off a log? Which among them wouldn’t laugh their asses off at such a sight? I can’t help thinking that some of them may have survived tours in Vietnam or even Korea, and wouldn’t it be a fine how-do-you-do to be felled by this kind of grabassery?

I also can’t help but admire the unflappable steady hand of the camera operator.

And I also can’t help wondering if this old see-saw is now closed to passengers for this very reason. I want to invent a sign technology that allows us to post this very GIF on a flat square sign right next to the log. Solar-powered, maybe, but definitely animated like a page from The Daily Prophet.

Like a skull on a post.

Actually, it should be mounted right here:


I’m put’n that line in a song.


Those outliers at the far end had it the worst.


Yeah. Bob Hope there in the pale blue windbreaker at the center of the pole thought things were going pretty swell for quite a long time.


That guy near the last-to-fall end who got off early and stabilized himself? He’s the one I want to hang with.


Red coat? He’s a spry one.

I’m proud of Mickey Rooney there on the far left. I thought he’d have the toughest time, since his legs take the brunt of the impact. But he hung in there.


It’s not a terribly hard idea to illustrate. All you need is a rectangular object. On second thought, all you need is an object.


How much wisdom, or did they roll a one?

Just kidding. I might have done it at 20 even though I don’t like heights nor have great balance.

Now with my chronic pain I probably have similar mobility, but I am just over protective of myself and avoid painful situations.


One has to wonder, though for the first few seconds most of 'em were probably remembering the ten-year-old scamps they used to be. But seriously, if their average age is just 65, fourteen geezers adds up to 910 years. Somebody ought to have known better.

I guess that would have been the four dudes who chose not to mount the Log Of Ultimate Treachery.


Okay, it’s been four hours, and I still have that Imgur tab open, with those fellers falling off over and over again.

I can’t stop glancing at it and giggling.

I’m a truly terrible person.


“Grandpa just got Gladwell’d!”

I’m a bad person and I should feel bad…


Multiple injured…


My 3 years of high school German is mostly lost. But that sucks, I hope they all pull out ok.


What did they think would happen?


It’s cool, u guis! There’s a pool nearby with dormant alien cocoons.


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