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I would like to know how to make YouTube stop prioritizing videos in Russian in search results…
Even though I’m Russian, I hate everything Russian people post on YouTube… It’s so awful…


Is there a way to stop videos playing autoplaying globally, regardless of whether you’re viewing it on YouTube or it’s embedded in a different page or whatever? A browser setting or extension? Firefox for preference.

I like to open a lot of tabs in the background, and it’s disconcerting and annoying when I suddenly start hearing the audio track to a video that’s automatically started on one of those tabs.


Access YouTube via proxy, so that it’s not geo-locating you and your past preferences.

my favorite youtube tip is that VLC can just play youtube videos… & this extension will add a right-click-menu option of “Play Youtube Video in VLC”, and makes it even easier! no need to run & all its javascript…

edit: i forgot that some videos that are ‘disabled on this device’ will NOT work in VLC also… it must consider that another device. so alot of songs won’t work like this.

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You need a Flash(HTML5) blocking add-on or script.

One that I use is Flashblock:

but it seems a more-maintained add-on is Flash Control -


Is there a tip for getting everyone else in the world to stop leaving such juvenile, mean-spirited comments on YouTube videos?


Disable comments, duh! :joy:


You ar dum and proble muslum. :wink:


Is there a tip on when not to make a .gif of every goddam video you see? Because I’ll bet my friends at Boing Boing would enjoy that one!

Here’s step one: Is it a music video? Because those tend to lose something when you silence them. For example, the music part.


No. 5 doesn’t work.

Youtube has changed something so my old autoplay-blocking tools don’t work on it any more. And it starts with its own autoplay turned on. I can turn it off… but it has already started. I can turn it off and reload… but it turns back on.

Fuck. I turn autoplay off in about:config, and I still can’t block autoplay!

Firefox really needs to stop enabling every painful misfeature.

Tip: Set your “Subscriptions” page as the default YouTube bookmark.

Seriously, who needs their suggestions? And that page loads slower than your subscriptions page.


This plugin is a decent panacea, at least until Endless September is over (any day now, right guys?)



More likely, it’d end up with the spammers flooding the system, crowding out the other users, and upvoting each other…

This userscript might work:

(Sorry-- it means installing another add-on – Greasemonkey [use this version, for the time-being] or Tampermonkey – in order to get the script to run.)

(But GM/TM are so extremely useful for tackling many browsing challenges, it’s worth the extra install.)

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