Tips on Smuggling Pot into the United States




A border crossing guard sees a well-known smuggler riding a bicycle with two heavy sacks on either side. He pulls him over and checks the sacks. There's nothing in them but sand. "Fine," the guard says, "you can go."

The next day he sees the same smuggler riding a bicycle with two heavy sacks. Again the sacks are filled with nothing but sand.

This goes on for weeks. Finally the guard says, "I know you're smuggling something. What is it?"



You just have a bunch of vans that have "International Pot Imports" with big green leafs on the side -- run 'em empty (or full of pots) for a while until they get sick of searching them, then start loading them up...


Man, all you need is a van made out of weed


Well, I bet that Krieger's the expert on a lot of illicit activities, so I'll take your word for it.


I certainly know my vans...


ya, but they have learned to double check things that put drug sniffing dogs in a coma...


Might this be a good place to ask about what happened to Bani Garu?

I can do without Eichhorn, but I thought Bani Garu might be going places.


Ayahuasca? in Mexico?


I know people still do it for whatever reason, but smuggling weed in from Mexico seems like the 8-track tapes of drug trafficking.

Oh, and I’m enjoying these old dispatches. Best wishes to Wilcock, get well soon.


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