To do in San Francisco this Sunday: Steven Boyett and Ken Mitchroney at SF in SF

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I hope that someone can go just to ask Steven Boyett when he’s going to put out part 2 of “The Architect of Sleep”.

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You just did. :slight_smile:

I won’t publish The Architect of Sleep until the whole thing is finished. When & if that’ll happen, I have no idea.

Thanks for asking!


Wow, hi! And I appreciate the response!
Quite honestly, I was mostly being sarcastic, knowing your history of being badgered by fans for it –– it’s something Cory’s mentioned in the past. I’m a fan of it and your other work, but I know you have bigger and more current things to work on than a 30-year-old talking raccoon novel :slight_smile:

Looking forward to checking out the new book.

I admit it’s hard to revisit my 24-year-old self, writing-wise. And I do have other projects I want to complete that have more immediacy for me. Even so, I doubt any artist would be happy about a publicly incomplete project. Outside considerations aside, just thinking about the thing itself sitting forlornly in the rain outside the door, bugs me like a pebble in my shoe. Architect took a lot of work, and one likes to think it was all for something.

All I can say is that I do mean to finish the book One of These Days, and I’m keenly aware that there are a lot fewer of These Days than there were. God knows if I ever do finish Architect, I intend to make an awful lot of noise about it.

Thank you for your support!

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