"To the Right": hypnotizing supercut of lateral movement in movies


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A bit more on lateral movement:




Hmmmm… I saw some cheats - bits that were movement to the left in the original film! Harrumph!


A certain character known for his directional pronouncements knew that which direction is appropriate is determined by the drama happening at that moment:


Heavens to Murgatroyd.


It’s particularly blatant in the second clip where the writing on the side on the train is reversed.

Needed more “The Masque of the Red Death” - the scene with the hooded figures (linked below), and Vincent Price moving through the four sequential coloured rooms (white, purple, yellow and black I think?) which I can’t find on Youtube.



The memorable, distinctly To the Left, Jackie Brown opening scene was particularly jarring (here with “ᗡƎTIИU” in the background!)

It’s just not right.

Even alt-right.


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