Today Arizona reports its highest Covid daily death toll, and it's not even noon yet

Still way too high for my tastes. Seriously depressing.


*Was nice three years ago. Now? Apparently less so.


Yup. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Midwest is going to flood this summer. All the way down the 'Miss and all its tributaries. Really bad. Look at the current levels, and realize the ground is already saturated.
Gulf coast or Carolinas are going to be hit with a cat4 due to ocean temps rising. Hopefully it’s just one.
Southwest is going to be on fire. No stopping that. Good luck and stay safe.
Come fall we’ll have the polar vortexes making the Dakotas a tundra (think Siberia).
Then the second wave of Covid will hit since people stopped wearing masks.

Pacific NW, Rockies, New England. Only places I’m going any time soon.


Speaking as a PNWer, you do realize that you’ve just made inevitable either The Big Earthquake, or Mt. St. Helens popping off again.


The only reason I remember the date of Helens popping off is because it was the day my little sis was born. May 20 1980 was when it started.

The Big Earthquake will probably hit later this year given how things are going. Maybe a meteorite? Chicxulub was a while ago so maybe we’re due?


90% of the reason I live in the Catskills. I’d rather live in a crazy humid rain forest than Arrakis.


Says the guy driving the truck.


In case anyone wants to pitch in:


On the plus side, o happy mutants, Arizona has these:

Arizona Tribes Information:

Development Center for Appropriate Technology:

and uh yeah the Grand Canyon:


I’ve been in Tucson for two days, so that makes me an expert. For consulting fees contact my agent. /s

Its remarkable the difference between Tucson and Chicago. In Tucson I see nothing but disdain for masks, and the posted signs to cover up are routinely ignored. Sure in Chicago you’d get jerks who would flout the rules but Tucson is far worse.

A common theme in Chicago is signs on restaurants saying “pickup only”. I havent seen any of those signs in Tucson, other than a few fast food chains that are doing drive up only (McDonald’s, Starbucks).

Theres such a defeatist attitude of “if I get it, I get it”, without much consideration to what it means if you get it. And no concern for those around who they could also infect should they be sickened.

Plus the usual nonsense about how the virus doesnt like heat, this will be all gone by next year, it’s no worse than the flu, the vaccine will give you autism etc.


Do we get to choose who we send?


Yea, not so fast there…


A White House spokesman, Judd Deere, said that he did not believe the quarantine applied to President Donald Trump, who just returned from a visit to Arizona and was scheduled to be in New Jersey this weekend.

“The President of the United States is not a civilian. Anyone who is in close proximity to him, including staff, guests, and press are tested for COVID-19 and confirmed to be negative,” Deere said.

Hm. Pretty sure that the President is a civilian, in spite of the “Commander in Chief” thing. Otherwise he could be tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


41%? Is it something in the water down there, or are that many people just plain nuts?

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This will be the year I start getting flu shots again.


Oh man do I miss the Catskills. When I was growing up in Brooklyn we would take a trip up there every summer since my granddad had ~100 acre hunting property up there he would rent out. No plumbing (outhouse), no phone, no TV, but fireflies, fields of tall grass, and ~legal fireworks! Going from Bay Ridge to the middle of friggin’ nowhere was like moving to a different planet.

Then my parents moved me down to FL. Bah.


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