Today in transphobia

That fails to be funny when the three main cast members previously made trans-positive statements.
I guess the pull of money was stronger than their previous allyship when it’s so perfectly clear that Rowling is a stirring, transphobic bitch, has been for years and continues to be so it makes you wonder whether they meant it.
It certainly diminishes their previous words to me.


I’m confused-the link seems to say that Rowling isn’t participating. How far do these actors, who have been outspoken against her, have to go? They certainly put a lot of effort into the films. Must they divest themselves of a major part of their lives?

You’re “just asking questions” again, aren’t you?


They haven’t been outspoken against HER, it’s her transphobic views they are denouncing - as should we all! Not a single one of them have made any personal attacks on Rowling, just made comments in support of trans rights. If that’s a “personal attack” on Rowling, then maybe she should think a bit better of her stance on trans rights?


Thanks what I meant to say-that the cast has not supported Rowling’s transphobia and have spoken against it. I did not mean to imply that they had attacked Rowling personally.

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I think that the point is: whether Rowling participates in the retrospective or not, it will ultimately put more money in her already overstuffed pockets.


Wholesome bobcat is wholesome <3


“ We did not find support within a clinical population for a new etiologic phenomenon of “ROGD” during adolescence. Among adolescents under age 16 seen in specialized gender clinics, associations between more recent gender knowledge and factors hypothesized to be involved in ROGD were either not statistically significant, or were in the opposite direction to what would be hypothesized. This putative phenomenon was posited based on survey data from a convenience sample of parents recruited from websites,(

10) and may represent the perceptions or experiences of those parents, rather than of adolescents, particularly those who may enter into clinical care.”

Good to have another significant study showing what we all knew. Made up “diagnosis” made up out of whole cloth by transphobes is made up.

Yet people will still cite it when trying to limit trans rights or just asking questions about how many of us existing is an acceptable amount. I’m looking at you Jesse Singal. Fucking New York Times.


Title: Do Clinical Data From Transgender Adolescents Support the Phenomenon of “Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria”?
Author: Bauer, Lawson, Meztger.



Idiot school board reinstates transphobic middle school staff who used school district funds for promoting transphobia. Students across the district walk out in protest.

So far so good bad.

Hundreds of adults show up at the school to counterprotest the walkout and it turns into a brawl.

We will see how this turns out. What authorities should do in this case (and any time adults as a group enter school grounds to fight kids) is to go hard at these adults, including everyone who participated and organized it, not just the ones who attacked school kids.

Oh, and shitty headline, Oregonian. Student and adults didn’t fucking “clash.” Adults attacked kids on school grounds.


Extra sentences for child abuse.


Not much to see here that we don’t already know - namely the BBC still giving a platform to out and proud transphobes spreading lies and misinformation.


And that Rosie Duffield is still a Labour MP despite years of blatant abuse towards trans people.


TERF Island carries on being TERF Island.


Cllr Jo Ellis-Williams said: "I completely refute any claims that I am causing harm or distress to anyone.

Of course she believes that, her statement dehumanises trans people. We do not count as anyone to her.

This is the same councillor who crossed the floor to the Conservative party last week, handing complete control of the council to them. There are suspicions that she moved because the local Labour party was not having any of her TERFy bullshit (I know of at least two Carlisle Labour councillors who are trans allies). There are other suspicions that she was spying on the party from the start and reporting back to her Tory county councillor husband, but that is more of a conspiracy theory.

I do not dare click to see the comments, I know how fashy some of the locals can be in Carlisle.


Odd. I don’t see a Transgender Day of Remembrance up on the Guardian- besides reporting on Biden’s statement.

Or on the BBC this year. I guess it would have been unseemly to follow their policy of always have a Terf view on trans stories. Though there’s enough out there willing to say our elimination isn’t a bad thing. Cowards.


It amazes me that someone who got professionally chastised for her ginned up first study and has zero experience with trans people is trying this again. Hate is a powerful motivator.



Anyone asked Jared Leto and Cillian Murphy about their roles as trans women? Or Jaye Davidson? Who am I missing?