Todd Mclellan's photos of disassembled appliances

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Needs a Knolling tag.

I want to see the photos where he tries to put them together again.


James May has a series called ‘The Reassembler’ where he does just that to things like lawnmowers, electric guitars, etc. You can find them on Youtube. Much more interesting than these glorified parts diagrams.


Great idea!

Yeah that show is rather genius. This was I think the last bit of James May’s contractual obligation to create an original series for the BBC and boy was it a thing… three cameras in his shed who’s operators can be seen and heard giggling of as James May makes watching the slow assembly of appliances a fun zen like experience.

What I’m sure started off as a “how can I fulfill my BBC contract with the minimum amount of effort” joke but executed with expert skill. Hell his ‘unemployed’ Youtube videos were fun.


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